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I found I was drinking too much coffee, with the effect of poor sleep and feeling kinda edgy.

When I couldn’t find a chai that was flavoursome enough…..I started to experiment and developed my own recipes.

Honing the taste over a couple of years and with others enjoying it as much as me, I decided to put it out there for all to savor.

We are starting off with two varieties and three iterations of each.

There’s Honey Rubbed Chai Tea and then the Spiced Cacao, flavour packed and ready to brew.
If Chilli is added the mix becomes ANGRY….we use Chipotle, the smoked Jalapeno to light the fire.
Offering 2 levels of fury….Slightly Miffed….with a hint and Taking Umbrage with more of a punch.

Let it steep…and the world will be sweet.

The Finest Flavours From around the world.
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